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Why start a search firm in the middle of a worldwide pandemic?

I still believe in loyalty - to people, not faceless organizations. When I go to work for companies, I tend stay and build deep, long term connections to my co-workers, clients, candidates and connections. I have been very fortunate to have learned from some of THE best bosses in this business (You know who you are!) and to work with excellent colleagues. I was with my recent company for 10+ years before it was acquired. And while everyone has the best of intentions in acquisitions - things rarely roll-out the way originally intended.

So, my old company was acquired and changed from Executive Search to a more contract/payroll staffing model and that isn't what I wanted to do. I could be knocking on doors and going on interviews but the reality is that there is a very low bar of entrance into recruiting and many companies want to hire young, less expensive, easy to train salespeople to act as recruiters. As a "seasoned" recruiter (don't you love that? Makes it sound like I shower in oregano and sage), I know going in that the odds are not in my favor. As someone who has benefitted from great bosses in the past, I didn't want to become a number in another company focused only on cost cutting because that wouldn't let me be the recruiter and consultant I need to be for my loyal clients and candidates. I wanted to work for a company that starts with the relationship, not the transaction and only wanted to work with other recruiters who shared that commitment.

So, we come to Claremont Services Group. I have always dreamed of sharing what I know and developing a firm clearly focused on the needs of our clients. While I believe that technology continues to advance with great tools, those tools are powerless unless used by someone with the insight, discernment, experience and focus to use them correctly. I don't believe in waiting for someone to "fix" things. NOW is the time to act!

So, this is the first blog of my new company, Claremont Services Group. I have already been contacted by previous co-workers who share this mission and may be joining me as we move forward. In the end, our success will be determined by our clients and candidates and how well we support your goals and meet/exceed your expectations. I will be reaching out to clients and candidates as we move through this stressful, dynamic, chaotic time and together we will come through this challenge and there ARE better days ahead.

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