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Wednesday Wisdom - What NOT to put on a resume

We ALWAYS want Resumes to be truthful and complete but there are some things that you shouldn't include!

COVID has given all of us a chance to step back and consider our careers. Job seekers and people concerned about the next step in their career are dusting off their resumes and updating. Remember, the resume won't get you the job, it is meant to get you to the interview stage. Most of us don't see hundreds of resumes a year but as one who does, I wanted to share some key "DON'TS" for your next Resume UPDATE!

  1. Don't add your picture. As Handsome/Beautiful as you may be, we don't recommend putting your picture on your resume. Employers should be hiring based upon experience, skill, etc. and the picture is only a distraction.

  2. Don't put your street address. For privacy reasons, for search reasons - put city and state, email and phone to connect. If you move forward in the process, you can complete the address on the application.

  3. Don't share anything not directly connected to your skills and talent. Industry group memberships - Yes. Political, religious, etc. associations - No.

Remember, you can do this! Your resume is your calling card and you want it to open as many doors as possible for interviews. It should "check all the boxes" for HR and garner the interest of the hiring manager so he/she contacts you for further discussion. We can help you with this or there are lots of online sites and templates that can point you in the right direction. Remember - YOU CAN DO THIS! Take care and good luck!

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