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Wednesday Wisdom - The Power of "Yet"

There is ALWAYS a learning curve for both candidate and hiring manager when hiring so during interviews, both sides should pay attention to the power of YET! YET means possibilities, growth, creativity and ambition. It moves beyond black/white thinking to potential!

Hiring Managers: Which question is more effective and impressive to candidates?

Interviewer 1 : "I see in your resume you haven't ever managed a team which is one of the requirements."

Interviewer 2: "I see you haven't had the chance to manage a team yet. Tell me your thoughts on that."

Candidates should listen for the word YET from hiring managers because it says those are hiring managers invested in growing employees.

Candidates: which applicant shows more potential?

Interviewer: "Have you used SAP in planning?"

Applicant 1 - "No"

Applicant 2: "Not YET, but I have used similar systems (insert which ones) which I learned quickly. I look forward to doing the same here.

Hiring managers should listen for the power of "YET" in potential applicants. Using the word "YET" signals that the candidate isn't easily defeated if things don't go as planned the first time around and that they are open to growth and challenge.

The word YET can turn a no to a yes and open up possibilities!

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