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Wednesday Wisdom-One reason Hiring is TOUGH right now! (and it isn't because of unemployment checks)

As I mentioned before, the "return to normal" has been cancelled and a new reality is in place. As a hiring manager, CHANGE has brought challenges that should be addressed NOW! This change can be broken down to four areas:

  1. People are disappearing from the work force! The silver tsunami of baby boomers is almost complete. Most have left the workforce entirely or are embracing the "gig" economy by working on contract or project work. Some may return for the "right" job but they have left BIG SHOES to fill!

  2. Jobs have changed but descriptions and requirements haven't! If you haven't updated your job descriptions in the last 18 months, you may be describing jobs that don't exist anymore. In order to fill the jobs, make sure you know the difference between your wish list and your "must-haves".

  3. Technology is the big disruptor! It has replaced certain jobs and created other jobs. If your company hasn't reviewed the technology they use and how they use it, you may be falling behind. This also make Security a key priority.

  4. Employees have changed! The pandemic has created a different mindset in employees who are placing a higher premium now of flex time and work/home balance. Many are reluctant to return to office after working remote.

As a hiring manager, your hands are full and your desk and inbox may be flooded with resumes that won't fit the role you urgently need to fill! That is where we can help. Call us or email us and we can talk about how we can tailor our services to define and engage the candidates you need to be evaluating for your company!

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