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Wednesday Wisdom - How the Gig Economy is affecting us all!

The Gig Economy is impacting all of us now more than ever for a variety of reasons. Many of us are working from home and have learned to operate more successfully outside the normal "office". With massive layoffs and companies desperate to lower costs, many candidates and companies are exploring contract employees, temp to hire positions or other creative options outside of the full-time employee/employer paradigm. Candidates looking for work are being creative in making their next step. What impact will this leave on us all?

  1. Hi-Potential employees no longer anticipate staying with a company for a career or even 5 years. Employees are making moves based on a particular challenge, project or opportunity. Once they have met their goals with one employer, they will move on to new goals/opportunities with other employers in order to maximize their earning and learning potential. Shorter stays within each work environment mean that employees will hit the ground running but they don't expect to make the long term social connections that many of us have taken for granted.

  2. Many companies will see a benefit in minimizing direct hires and overhead costs and may put profit before being a good corporate citizen. While these companies might make big money on the front end, top performers will avoid them and be attracted to companies offering benefits including: Work/Home balance, health care, dental care, insurances, saving opportunities, support for social causes, excellent learning opportunities, child care benefits, etc. While new hires may only use the benefits for 1-4 years, the best and brightest employees will be drawn to companies who offer these options - making them the employers of choice.

  3. We all become our own CEO's defining our own brand and services while being responsible for finding our next career opportunity. Keeping skills fresh, networking within your areas of expertise and strengthening your interview skills will be an ongoing part of achieving success no matter what your role.

  4. Hiring managers will need to spend more time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates in depth to determine if the person is a fit. The days of resumes that show linear, incremental growth of one person within two or three employers is ending. It will take more skill and research to determine if the candidate has the skills, experience, potential and drive to meet the needs and fit the profile of a hiring company.

  5. Recruiters play a critical, consultative part of the new paradigm. The clients rely on us to do the deep dive, qualifying interviews to identify the best fit and talent while candidates count on us to present them with opportunities to work with employers that will appreciate their skills and offer them the work environment and benefits that they demand.

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