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Wednesday Wisdom!

Preparing for Video Interviews

Whether you are a hiring manager or potential candidate, more and more interviews are happening online in the days of Covid 19. Here are 7 quick tips to help you prepare:

1 - Have the resume in front of you as well as paper and pen for quick notes

2 - Confirm the software (Zoom, Teams, , Skype, etc.) that will be used and confirm that the updated version is on your laptop and ready to go.

3 - Dress the part - Even if you are working from home. Dress as if you were in a formal business meeting. Remember to be ready to smile and bring your energy!

4 - Prep surroundings - check your video background, remove glare, check your lighting, get a babysitter or pet sitter to keep you free from distractions.

5 - Prep Questions - if you are interviewing or being interviewed - be sure to have prepared questions available.

6 - Ending Expectations - be clear on what to expect for next steps, confirm contact info for follow-up.

7 - Practice, Practice -You should call a friend using the software and ask for their honest feedback on how you look and come across. During the interview, many software programs let you record the online sessions. Record the session and play it back to see how things went and see how to improve things each time.

Whether it is your first interview or you have interviewed multiple times - these tips will help you come in fresh and ready to impress. Hang in there - things will get better!

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