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Wednesday Wisdom - What I did during my Covid "vacation"

Millions are impacted by Covid layoffs, cutbacks and RIFS. How are you addressing this gap in employment on your resume or Linked In profile? Make the most of this opportunity to share something on your resume that makes you unique and shows how you handle unexpected challenges.

Did you take online classes or learn new skills? Did you become a teacher to your kids forced to stay at home? Did you downsize, start a home business, overcome a major health crisis? Did you volunteer in your community, take on a major home renovation or did you just uncover something about yourself that you never knew before? List your "out of work" achievement and what skills you developed as a result.

This COVID challenge was historic and gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates by using the "gap" as a way to show your strengths and growth.

If you were working all through the crisis, chances are you were doing it under intense conditions so talk about working with reduced resources, under deadlines. Talk about new skills and moving to remote teams.

Key to success for any individual or company is resiliency and the ability to pivot under pressure when necessary. "Never let a crisis go to waste" - take the best of what you learned during this world-wide crisis and let it springboard you to future career success!

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