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Covid 19 Pandemic has positive effect on coatings sales

The Covid Pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home and, if were lucky, work from home. This has caused a big increase in home improvement projects. I'll bet a lot of stimulus check were used for home improvement.

In the November, 2020 issue of Coatings World, Anthony Loccicero sites a survey from the Farnsworth Group that surveyed 1000 consumers - "80% said they had started a home improvement project". The top product searched for on the internet is paint. On a recent trip to my local hardware store, I asked the owner "How's Business"? He grinned and said "GREAT! If we get a 6% increase in sales we consider that a good year. We're already up over a quarter million dollars year to date and paint sales increases are a big part of that figure." One coatings company PPG has experienced a triple digit percentage increase in online paint sales.

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