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Are you into Hybrid Hiring? If not, you should be!

We are facing a steep V-Shaped hiring curve when it comes to recovering from the pandemic. This is especially true in key areas including Supply Chain, Operations, Quality and Engineering for clients in the manufacturing industries. Degreed candidates with 7+ years of experience have multiple opportunities and are very clear with high expectations for the jobs they will consider. Your company needs to be in Hybrid Hiring mode if you want to succeed.

Hybrid Hiring means using the right resources at the right time and in the right way. Your internal HR team (which may still be recovering) can focus on the standard, high volume roles within your firm. You can work with search partners (like Claremont Services Group) to fill roles that are more scarce, more urgent or require a stronger live outreach to be filled. Work with a search team that augments and support your internal team and processes. Make sure your Talent Acquisition team and Hiring Managers are pulling all the levers when it comes to getting candidates engaged and in process.

You will hear more about Hybrid hiring and different applications of it in the months to come. For some it will mean a Hybrid workplace with flexibility for those working onsite and those working remote. Many companies are looking for hybrid solutions when it comes creating teams of direct employees and contract employees.

Post-Covid, there will not be a return to normal. Too many things have changed. Moving forward, creativity, flexibility and ingenuity will create the workforce and workplace of the future.

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