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Why work with a search partner?

Internal talent acquisition teams tend to only find candidates who are actively searching, typically people who apply to posted open roles. Such teams become inundated with applications, many of which go unreviewed. Conversely, contingency agencies must be "quick on the draw" and lack the time to truly understand you, your organization or even the candidates. They likewise typically find the same "active" talent that internal teams receive in their requisitions.


Search partners deliver more than just star talent; they deliver efficiency and much more effective outcomes.

Why Claremont?

At Claremont, we implement forward-looking talent strategies to recruit the leaders that accelerate your business. Our flexible search model targets and reaches the most highly desirable "passive" talent in the market.


We invest in getting to know your business, strategy and culture. Then we present the most compelling story to the right prospective candidates, who may not have otherwise considered your organization.


Lastly, we perform a rigorous, transparent search process to identify and deliver the best-qualified candidates based on your strategy and company culture, as well as valuable market intelligence that allows you to select the right talent for your organization.

Our process

At Claremont, we first perform an exploratory analysis to understand your business, the role and any challenges you’ve faced in filling it thus far. We then determine which model will suit your needs.


Whether your organization requires leadership for new product development, market growth, enterprise transformation or operational process excellence, we work with you to define both the essential skills and attributes that in turn help us identify our short list of exceptional candidates. We then help facilitate interviews, debriefs, offers and onboarding.


Throughout the process, you receive the highest level of execution that includes:


• A customized and agile approach

• Partner-level engagement on every search

• Market intelligence and process transparency

• Deep candidate assessments and insights via structured cadence


The result? A process that brings you the most qualified talent as well as complete confidence in your hiring decision.

Our services

Exclusive Contingent Engagement


For first or second-line leadership or individual subject matter expert roles that are more straightforward or non-confidential but where internal recruiting or contingency processes haven't yielded sufficient results.

Retained Search


For roles that require highly specialized skillsets, confidentiality or urgency, including critical executive-level roles, retained search offers the most robust and thorough approach.

Talent Advisory Service


Consulting and program design support focused on talent assessment and high-potential identification, succession planning and diversity talent strategies.

Work with us

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your organization, we invite you to reach out.

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Claremont Services Group
8595 Pelham Rd
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Greenville, SC 29615

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