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Bringing the best talent to the best companies!


What makes your company one of the "best companies"? 


  • It isn't size or product - it is the people and the vision you share.  

  • Are you invested in hiring top talent to drive excellence within your organization?

  • Do you have the vision and culture that attracts today's talent? If not, are you building towards this goal?

  • Are you able to move forward with hires and do you expect communication, accountability, integrity and results from your recruiting partner? 

  • Are you growing, right-sizing, transforming and moving through change and challenges?  

  • Do you have long term, loyal employees who are retiring ?

  • Are you building depth for current and future positions?



What makes  you one of the "best candidates"?

  • Are you an experienced candidate with the attitude, expertise and and skills to get the job done?

  • Do you have a proven track record of success and advancement?

  • Are you inspired by challenge and able to grow teams who embrace creative solutions?

  • Are you dedicated to realizing measurable results and exceeding expectations?

  • Are you invested in growing business and creating excellence while advancing your career?

  • Are you a transformational talent who helps set the cadence, culture and expectations for success?

  • Do you bring the same positive attitude to individual and team projects in matrixed environments?


What can you expect from our recruiters?

  • Expect integrity, communication and professional kindness in the personal touch our recruiters bring to every search.

  • Our recruiters have extensive experience  and access to networks developed over decades of engagement. 

  • We  are always reviewing new technology as we also  using the proven methods of direct calling and referral development.

  • Our recruiters have worked in the specialties and industries they  support.  They choose to be executive recruiters because they understand the impact new hires can have.  They have a passion for the process of bringing the right person to the right team at the right time.   



Greenville, SC

Ph:  864-918-1997

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